Beit Midrash meets regularly every Sabbath (Saturday) as follows:

1:00pm – Hebrew Class*
2:00pm or so – Praise & Worship service
3:00pm or so – Torah Study*

Covered Dish Supper – (Everybody brings something.) Note: Biblical kosher observant: no pork, shellfish, catfish, critters, varments… 🙂 You get the idea. Also, there’s no stove or oven on-sight, but there is a small microwave.

Occasional Topic-Driven Teaching* or Midrash** – usually happens because folks just don’t want to go home. These events aren’t always scheduled beforehand and cover a wide variety of topics.

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*Class, study, or teaching refers to a one-person presentation.
**Midrash refers to a study involving group participation. (So iron can sharpen iron.)