Yom Teruah Service Next Wednesday Night

The Feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah (Tishrei 1), is this next Wednesday evening after sundown. We’ll be having a service at 6:00pm, followed by a meal and fellowship.

There will be no class on Tuesday the 27th, but we’ll resume the regular schedule the following week.


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New Service Schedule Starts This Sabbath the 24th

This Shabbat the 24th, we’ll be starting our services at 1:00pm, following the same order: Hebrew class, followed by Praise & Worship, then the Torah teaching (this week’s portion is Nitsvaim and VaYelech.)

Several members have expressed a desire for later services, so we’re going to try it.  If this works better, it’ll be a permanent change. If not, we’ll switch back. Please pass the word about the new time, especially to those who don’t have Internet.

Note: the Tuesday evening services will continue starting at 6:00pm. Last week, James and Julie began a new teaching series, Church History. They’ll discuss many of the councils and creeds that were established, as well as focus on many of the traditional Church Fathers and their respective legacies.

Hope to see everyone there,


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One Thing’s For Sure … We’re Not Afraid of Change.

**The new schedule will not take effect for a couple of weeks. Exact date to go live will be announced. The Hebrew class this Shabbat the 10th will begin at 10:15 as usual. **

For those of you who missed Tuesday’s meeting, a motion was made to try a new Sabbath schedule: starting our meetings at 1:00pm, extending through the afternoon, culminating with an evening meal and Havdalah service. 

Mothers and most out-of-towners seemed jazzed by this option, looking forward to sleeping in and making preparations at their leisure instead of “rush, rush, rushing to rest!”

The plan is to try it awhile, see how it works, and go from there. Until then (or after then 😉 whatever), tell us what you think!


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New Location Starting Tomorrow (Shabbat), Sept. 3rd!

Starting Sept. 3rd, Beit Midrash will be meeting in a new location in Ardmore: 25 3rd Street just behind the American Legion to the west.

Just take Washington Street north of downtown, and you’ll quickly come to 3rd Street. Turn left or west on 3rd. (At this point, the American Legion will be on the right and the Washington Theater on your left.) We’re meeting in the second building on the right (north).

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New Radio Program on Blogtalk

James and I will be hosting a radio program on blogtalk radio on Wednesday evenings at 10:00pm. The name of the show is Paradigm Radio. On our debut program, we discussed the significance of the Hebrew month of Elul and the fall feasts. You can listen to these broadcasts on Wednesdays at 10:00pm or you can listen to the archived programs anytime. We are intending on making a lot of improvements to the program and possibly extending the time in the future. I hope that you enjoy the program and that you will find it entertaining and informative.


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Memorial Services

Memorial services for James’s father will be this Wednesday the 13th at 10:00am at Calvary Christian Church in Ardmore: 2201 4th Avenue NW.

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A Mikvah this Shabbat @ Martin’s Landing

You’re all invited to attend the mikvah of Cora Schofield this Shabbat the 25th at Martin’s Landing some time between 2:30-3:00, just whenever everybody arrives after the Torah study. Food will be served, so bring your covered dishes, picnic food, drinks and chairs for an old-fashioned baptism hoedown showdown.  -J

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