New Service Schedule Starts This Sabbath the 24th

This Shabbat the 24th, we’ll be starting our services at 1:00pm, following the same order: Hebrew class, followed by Praise & Worship, then the Torah teaching (this week’s portion is Nitsvaim and VaYelech.)

Several members have expressed a desire for later services, so we’re going to try it.  If this works better, it’ll be a permanent change. If not, we’ll switch back. Please pass the word about the new time, especially to those who don’t have Internet.

Note: the Tuesday evening services will continue starting at 6:00pm. Last week, James and Julie began a new teaching series, Church History. They’ll discuss many of the councils and creeds that were established, as well as focus on many of the traditional Church Fathers and their respective legacies.

Hope to see everyone there,


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