Sukkot 2011 – Countdown to Big Work … er, I Mean Fun :-)

When it hit me today that we have just under four months for this, I reeled a bit. Events like Sukkot take planning IF we’re going to serve as a celebration base for others. When the Season of our Joy event was hosted at Lake Murray (from 2000? to 2007), they drew in hundreds of people from all over–even England.
So it’s my opinion that we need to give some serious thought, as a congregation, to what we want. Personally, my feeling is, If we pitch it, they will come … 🙂 But perhaps not everyone wants our group to serve as a host hub for the disenfranchised. Perhaps not everyone wants to be inundated and responsible at that level–whatever it is. Which I understand. 

A planning meeting is pending, and I hope you all can attend. I’ll post the date/time once it’s set. But until then, your visions, comments, suggestions, concerns are all welcome: hit me!

What do you want to see happen?


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6 Responses to Sukkot 2011 – Countdown to Big Work … er, I Mean Fun :-)

  1. Laura says:

    Dance classes, campfire midrashes, lulav building session, sukkah building session, torah classes, hebrew teachings, kids classes; short class each day with a craft or something relating to sukkot, large social of some kind; hotdog roast, hamburgers, kosher smores, the water pouring ceremony is cool, mikvahs in the lake if people wanted, relaxing at the ‘beach’ takin’ in some sun! Can’t wait!!!!! Looking forward to it! Count me in on a planning meeting!

    • K/J Murray says:

      !! Wowzers! Ask and ye shall receive. 🙂 Lots of good activity suggestions. Will add them to the list and hopefully, when we have our meeting, we’ll have plenty of volunteers to head up the different areas. Thanks!

  2. Charity Crosby says:

    I realize that rewards will be eternal have been wishing ever since season of our joy left to have the feast back here again. We.could have teaching on different topics people have questions on as well as the traditional topics of Sabbath and the biblical feasts end times also this would be a good opportunity to have how to study classes where we actually dig in to s.topic or question of interest. Also lots of worship and.letting the.holy.spirit work I’m our midst.

  3. Charity Crosby says:

    Since there is more time letting the.spirit move and speak to us will be easier than on a traditional time limited Sabbath meeting. We could think about planning any special speakers and or musicians, singers is like to sing a special and help out with worship and dance.

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