Extended Services This Shabbat for Purim

This coming Shabbat, March the 19th, services will be extended all day and into the evening to incorporate the celebration of Purim, which is March 20th. Be sure to bring a double portion of food for your family for both lunch and dinner.

Services will run as normal with Praise and Worship, Hebrew Class, and Torah Study, followed by lunch. Then, we’ll do a Midrash, have some fun games, and close the Shabbat with a Havdalah service. Later, we’ll read the book of Esther and discuss Purim.


About Julie Franks-Murray

A Soul Alchemist is anyone who submits to the crucible of truth to find the ultimate holy grail: the transformation of our lack of self worth and powerlessness into sustained Legitimacy and Sovereignty. Where we live from our inner integrity and core truth instead of the chaotic, changing values of the outside world. To be a Soul Alchemist is to have authentic power and meaning inside ourselves, to generate our own gravity, not be held captive by anyone else's.
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