Upcoming Men’s Retreat in OKC

A “Men of Messiah, Men of Excellence” retreat will be held on March 12th & 13th (a Shabbat and a Sunday) in Oklahoma City. The cost is a whoppingly low $36 – cash or check at the registration table – which covers 3 meals and lodging (usually 3 men to a room and private shower).

There will be four teaching sessions focused on fellowship with YHVH and each other. Men from Messianic congregations from hither and yon will be attending, so it will be a good opportunity to get more info about who’s doing what in our area.

If you’re interested in attending, contact James.

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3 Responses to Upcoming Men’s Retreat in OKC

  1. Trevor Grant Lemley says:

    I want to come! I rejoiced when I finally accepted James’ invitation to the group. It only took me 7 months to make my way home. All of you are awesome people and our Rabbis are exceptional (Keith and James). Our liturgy, I would assume, is a sweet aroma to the LORD. God Bless Everyone!

    • John says:

      May YHVH bless you and your betrothed. Shalom in Yeshua Meshiach, Love John … We are excited to get to meet you guys and learn together. I hope things grow great with you and the Lord and with your loved ones.

  2. Keith says:

    Thanks Trevor. It has been such a delight getting to know you and your bride to be. Your zeal has been very refreshing and inspiring to others and it is clear that The Almighty has blessed you with many gifts for the work that He has called you. We are living in exciting times. I am looking forward to seeing the amazing things to be revealed and I believe that we are even now beginning to see them unfold. May the Most High continue to bless you and keep you.

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