Isn’t It About Time? (Part 2)


Most of our energy and resources are sucked away by a giant, parasitic fixation upon the past or future. Our present moments are filled with regret about the past or in complete distraction reliving the glory days of youth. Conversely, when we consider the future, we either dread it or believe all problems will somehow fix themselves, and we’ll live in a utopia for no other reason than it’s the future.

But the truth is, neither the past nor the future can be grasped in the hand. For all practical purposes, they are illusions, intangible things that can’t be held. Not as such. Let me explain. Can you hold the past? No. Why? Because it’s gone, and technically, doesn’t exist any more. Can you seize the future? No. Why? Because it hasn’t come to pass yet. What can we embrace? Right Now. That’s all we ever have. Think about it. When we were experiencing the past, it wasn’t the past. It was the present. And when we experience the future, it won’t be the future at that point. It will be the present. So when can we truly be free and content? Take action? In this very moment.

What if we really believed? What if we truly believed that Y’shua has made us worthy? What we truly believed that peace and contentment are only a breath, an awareness, away? Would we stop longing for a particular thing or feeling state to come? Would we then understand what it means to simply “be?” Shall we begin to let go of pursuing instant gratification for things that never actually give us gratification so that we can truly know instant contentment by surrendering to this moment in complete transparency and openness?

I realize that many would find the suggestion ridiculous. Insulting, even. They might say that such a way of living would cause people to be less responsible or make them vulnerable. It simply isn’t the way the world works. I know. It isn’t the way the world works. However, living our authentic selves will actually cause us to be more responsible and less vulnerable. “He that seeks to save his life will lose it but he that lays down his life for the sake of Messiah will take it up again.” When we rely upon our pseudo forms of protection, we are, in all actuality, submitting to bondages. Because those forms are not born of the truth. And lies don’t free us.

Overcoming is done in the now, not later in some future movie we play for ourselves. When we choose to completely die to our carnal self, we no longer fear ridicule or failure. We no longer seek affirmation or validation from others because we already have it. We have accepted the truth that makes us free by giving ourselves permission to be worthy, loved, peaceful, and content RIGHT NOW.

This place, this state, is so close to us, despite our having lived in a way that made such freedom seem a great distance. When we step into it, we also find a new love and appreciation for others. We are able to be more patient because we begin to see. We begin to see the wounded soul before our eyes who is bound by past hurts and insecurities … just like we were. We begin to stop taking things personally and start seeing the larger picture of what motivates others. We begin to understand that their reactions are based upon prior programming inherited in this flesh existence of time, space, and matter.

There is nothing evil, per se, about time, space, and matter. It is our perceptions of them and how we relate to them that can detrimentally affect us. If we persist in the delusion that contentment can only occur somewhere in a future time, place, and state, then our own false beliefs will continue to bind us, preventing us from reaching our true and authentic God-given potential.

Our own unhealthy habit of seeing through the past or future continues to rob us of opportunity and peace. This is done with our complete permission and submission. A revelation of this truth becomes a catalyst for taking complete responsibility. Everything has been provided for us, but most of us have been completely irresponsible in utilizing all available tools. In the moment that we surrender our own opinions, crutches, and plans, freedom, peace, and the ability to take appropriate action will suddenly be ours.

Many have thought on and spoken of Messiah’s return for almost two thousand years. We imagine what it will be like, what we will be like. When he returns, it will be a Now. We cannot prepare in the future for his coming for the simple fact that we can’t take action in a time that does not yet exist! We can only prepare Now. That’s the only time that’s real and here.

I don’t claim to have mastered these realizations, although that is my desire. In moments of clarity, of a correct kind of detachment, I can see the truth, and hold it in my mind as long as I can, letting it sink down deep. But the more we see with true spiritual eyes, the less we will see with eyes of carnality and ego. The more we abide in a time and place of contentment and peace, we will find a reservoir of resources that manifests all manner of fruits. We will then truly fulfill the mandate to love the Creator with all of our being and our neighbors as ourselves.

A tree is not known by its knowledge or theology. It’s known by its fruit. The fruit of the future is in the seed of the Now. Tomorrow’s harvest is contained only in today’s seed—and taking today’s action TODAY. If we truly desire to worship in Spirit and in Truth and see unity among all believers, then we must embrace this very moment in Spirit and Truth. But we cannot see this unity unless we first abide in it ourselves. A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways. We have to be united within in Spirit and Truth, but we can’t be as long as Ego sits upon the throne of the soul.

The rightful king must reign. The temple must be cleansed. The inhabitants of the Promised soul land must be dispossessed. There is no place for insecurity, fear, anxiety, depression, pride, contention, etc., in the land of the soul. We cannot make covenants with or justify the continued presence of these inhabitants. They must go. When mice have no food, they’ll go somewhere else. If we stop feeding the unwelcome inhabitants of our souls, they will leave. They will leave when we truly embrace the truth in this present moment and surrender to the true instant gratification of the Spirit, rather than the instant gratification of the flesh.

If we take offense at criticism, or if our heart swells at a compliment, we are still finding our identity in ego. When we are no longer jerked around by such things, we have truly become a son of the Spirit and Promise and have now begun the process of possessing the united kingdom of the soul.

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Isn’t It About Time?

I remember hearing about an experiment conducted with young children pertaining to instant and delayed gratification. From what I recall, the class was told by the instructor that they would all be given a cookie. They were further told that they had the option of eating the cookie immediately, or waiting. The teacher then informed the class that she had to leave, but when she returned that all of those who did not eat the cookie would be given an additional cookie.

Soon as the teacher left, some of the children ate their cookie. Some waited a few minutes, but quickly gave into the urge and ate their cookie as well. A few waited patiently and upon the teachers return received the additional cookie. These children were then followed over the years and the result was very amazing. From what I remember, few if any of the children that waited to eat their cookie were divorced or spent time in jail.  However, the children who quickly gave into the desire for instant gratification had this same pattern as adults.

When we ponder concepts such as instant and delayed gratification, in essence, we are dealing with a person’s concept of time. One has a longing for something and, because of the perception of time; either delays the gratification or acts quickly to have it immediately. When we consider things such as fear, depression, anger, hopelessness and a whole list of conditions, they all, in some way, pertain to our perception of time. I feel depressed and have a longing to fill the emptiness, so I take a drink or a pill. I want a certain car, so I steal one. I want to feel a sense of power, so I bully or belittle others.

In each case, there is an initial need or desire. The person believes that he will be experience a state of satisfaction by taking a particular action.  In many ways, history is the story of men trying to fulfill needs and desires mostly through instant gratification. Once again, these actions occur often because of a perception that we have of time. Most every year, I read or hear about people proclaiming or prophesying that “the next year will be a year of breakthrough or a year of prosperity or”… fill in the blank.

I don’t remember anyone proclaiming that “this moment is the moment of breakthrough.” On one hand, we can discuss having self-discipline and delaying gratification in exchange for getting what we truly desire later, but we should also consider something else.  Is it possible that we can have what we truly need now? Notice the difference between desire and need. Someone feels depressed at this moment and wants to have that empty place filled, so they take a pill or a drink or whatever thing that they believe will replace the negative feeling with the feeling they desire.

So in essence, when one desires a car, house or any possession, it is not actually the possessions they desire, but the way they believe they will feel by having those things. The same is true for most things. It may not truly be the promotion that one desires, but a longing for the feeling of what they believe the new job will bring.

Again, what if we could have that feeling of fulfillment now? I believe we can. In order to, however, we have to adjust our paradigms of time. Maybe we have been failing in certain endeavors because of our perception of time. Why does it take some people years to master the piano, while others can do it in a relatively short amount of time? I believe in many, if not most cases, it is based in one’s perception of time.

We have been trained that it takes years to master anything. I want to learn to draw, but I know it will take years to be proficient. Is that truly the case, or will it takes years before you believe that you are now worthy to be considered good?  Whether we are talking about reaching goals that we equate with success or eliminating feelings such as stress, anxiety, or depression, in many ways the fulfillment can be obtained now.  Our stress is due in some way to our perception of time. What if we considered ourselves worthy at this very moment of feeling peace and serenity? What if we stopped thinking about how we would feel if we had or were relieved of something? What if we were able to live in this very moment and have the authentic fulfillment of what we truly need?

Every week many recite the Ve’ahafta from the book of Deuteronomy.  We speak about loving the Creator with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Isn’t it time that we were honest? Do you have the ability to love the Creator this way and to love your neighbor as yourself? Certainly, it is possible because the Creator gave the commandment—but is it possible for you? Yes, but it may require radical transformation in thinking first.

Can we love YHVH with all of our heart if our heart is not completely open? The same question would apply to all of our parts. Can we love Him with our entire mind if our mind is 30% closed? Consider for a moment what it would feel like to have a completely open heart, mind, and soul. The very thought would frighten many. To be completely open in every way would seemingly make us vulnerable. If I were 100% open, people might not like me. They might make fun of me or think that I’m stupid. They might try to take advantage of me.  Yes. All of that is possible. However, it is only by finding this place of lucidity and transparency that you become free of the fear of man.

It may seem that surrendering to an attitude of openness would leave us defenseless. This is not true. If fact, I believe when we begin to let our own walls down, walls of our own making, a spiritual hedge arises, not of ego but of true strength. The kind that men, in the grips of ego themselves, cannot penetrate.

If we begin to detach ourselves from predetermined outcomes and learn to be content in every situation, we will no longer even seek many of the things that dominate our thoughts. We will not need the acceptance of others to feel worthy or qualified. We will no longer need nor seek validation. It will arise on its own from within.

When we surrender to true transparency in this very moment, we begin to become free of many of the things that have been our masters.  Oh I know, some day … yes, some day … someday, I won’t be afraid. Someday, I will no longer be depressed. Someday, I’ll have a job I enjoy. I’ll have all of the possessions I desire. Someday… Remember, it’s not the possessions you truly seek, but the feeling that you’ve associated with having them.

You will begin to master the guitar when you lose yourself in the very moment of loving to play, not thinking about how far you have to go to be at a satisfactory level. If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask! Wouldn’t we all like access to wisdom in this very moment, or would we prefer to put it off to a future time when we feel more worthy? Wouldn’t we all like to live without fear and depression? Again, the instant gratification of peace is available, but does our perception of time and of self prevent us from having it this very moment?

We don’t feel worthy or ready in this moment, so we deceive ourselves into accepting the pipe dream that someday we will be—somehow. Just by virtue of the fact that it’s in the future. As if the future has magical powers of some kind. If it does, then those powers are also present right now, or they wouldn’t be possible in the future! “Someday”, once it arrives, will only be another Now.

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New Website


Paradigm Radio now has a new site.  On this site, you can listen to all of the archived radio programs and find other links as well. For a while on the show, we have focused upon the ministry of Moses and Elijah. There are many episodes in this series that discusses not only are the Torah and the Prophets personified by Moses and Elijah, but we actually see their ministry from the beginning of the world. You will be amazed as so many Biblical passages are tied together that gives us greater insight into the visitors that Abraham saw and the Mount of Transfiguration.

You may begin to see the ark of the covenant in a whole new way as well as many passages throughout the Tanakh (OT) and Brit Chadesha. (NT)

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Special Guest: Brad Scott

Lately on Paradigm Radio, we have been discussing the amazing language of Hebrew. We have done several shows already on the subject. On the last several programs, we have discussed a specific hebrew letter. We have thus far featured the first letter “Aleph,” the “Mem” and the last letter the “Tav.”

This week we look forward to visiting with Brad Scott of Wildbranch Ministries. You can listen to the live show on Wed 10:00pm CST at or at

You can hear many of our archived programs as well as other teachings at


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The Rapture: To be taken or left behind, that is indeed the question

Last week we did a program on the topic of “The Rapture.” We had several technical difficulties on that program. Therefore this week we will be going back into this topic and examining it. Is the rapture doctrine taught by scripture? Does scripture support the teaching? How old is the doctrine?

As in the days of Noah, people were unaware until the day the flood came and “TOOK” them all away. Likewise, two will be in the field, one left and one TAKEN. Two women shall be grinding at the mill. One will be left and one will be TAKEN. Just like when the flood came and took away all of the ungodly. So do you want to be taken or left?

Y’shua gave a parable about the wheat and the tares. Guess who gets gathered first….

Join us on Paradigm Radio tonight as we look at several of these questions and more. You can join in on the conversation in the chatroom at and hear the entire hour program.

You can listen to many of our full length archived radio shows as well as other teachings here:

You can listen to the first half of the live show and listen to all of the Paradigm Radio archives here:

I hope to see you all around in the chatroom tonight where you can post your questions and comments. Also, you can call in if you would like to be part of the discussion on the air.

Enjoy the show,

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Paradigm Radio

It’s been way too long since we have updated this site. I wanted to give you a few links where you can listen our radio program. For those of you who have not heard, James and I now simulcast Paradigm Radio on on Wednesday evenings at 10:00pm CST. The Nazarene Media site also plays other content by us throughout the week.

You can hear a lot of our full hour radio programs as well as other teachings here:

At Yeshua Cast you can download mp3s of much of our content and of course you can always catch the live show or listen to the radio show archives 24/7 here:

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Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Today, 10/8, is the High Holy Day Yom Kippur, considered to be the holiest day of the year, closing out the Ten Days of Awe where the Books of Judgment stand open. We’re told to “afflict our souls” on this day, and traditionally, it’s observed as a complete fast with no food or drink. 

So while we’ll be having a regularly scheduled service, we won’t be making coffee or having a group meal until after Havdalah and sun down.

Shalom. -J

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